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William Hill Cash in Cash Out Feature Explained

Willian Hill is one of the best-known and biggest online bookmakers in the UK. As such, they follow the latest trends in online betting. So, it’s no wonder they’ve been one of the first online sports betting sites to add the cash in cash out feature to their system.

What does this mean to bettors?

The cash in cash out feature gives bettors more control over the outcome of their bets. It’s because it allows them to receive part of their winning(s) before the match they bet on finishes.

What Is the William Hill Cash In Cash Out Feature?

The William Hill cash in or cash out feature gives bettors the option to be paid a reduced amount of their potential winning before the match(es) they’ve bet on end. By winning a part of your potential winning, you remove the chance of losing even if any of the teams you’ve bet on lose. So, it’s kind of a secure partial profit option.

This feature is available to all Willian Hill bettors and applies to all bets. It’s up to you to accept or decline the offer before the matches end.

Where to Find the Cash In Cash Out Option?

You can find this option under the “Open Bets” section. You can see the amount of money you’d receive with the cash in cash out feature at the “Cash In Value”. If you don’t want to risk and want to get some of your potential winnings for a match, you just need to click the green “Cash Out” button.

Keep in mind that, by accepting the early cash out option, all the other bets on the same ticket are automatically canceled unless you accept the partial cash out option.

What Is the William Hill Partial Cash Out Option?

As mentioned a few lines above, if you accept the cash in cash out option for a match, the rest of the matches on the ticket are canceled. Well, that won’t happen with the partial cash out option.

The William Hill partial cash out option allows you to get part of your potential winning of a match without canceling the rest of the matches on your ticket. To accept this offer:

  • Find your ticket
  • Click on the slider and move it to the amount you want to be paid out.
  • Click “Cash Out”.

How to Cash In at William Hill?

The cash in cash out feature at Willian Hill is simple. First, you need to place a bet and then:

  • Go to the “My Open Bets” tab
  • Click the “Cash In My Bet” option to see how much you’d receive if you use the cash out option.
  • Click the green “Cash Out” button.

Once you choose to cash in your partial winning, the money will be transferred to your funds.

William Hill Plus Members

Willian Hill Plus members can cash out online or in-store. This means that you can cash out part of your potential winning in any William Hill betting store.

How Is the Cash In Cash Out Value Calculated?

Do you wonder how is the cash in cash out value calculated? Have you tried to figure out the formula betting stores use to calculate the early cashing out amount?

The truth is, it’s really hard to calculate this value yourself, if not impossible. William Hill uses a complex algorithm that takes into account the potential winning of your ticket and the current odds of the remaining matches of the ticket. It reverse calculates your winning if you have placed your bet now and comes up with the value of the bet’s stake if you get your potential winning.

Unfortunately for bettors, there is no formula to calculate the cash out value yourself. Plus, the algorithm William Hill uses is constantly updated to provide the latest market value of your bet. The good news is that William Hill’s cash out value is one of the best among the UK sports betting sites.


Why Use the Cash In Cash Out Feature?

Punters love the chance to win something, even if it’s only a part of their potential winning, so as not to lose. William Hill’s cash in cash out feature allows you to do just that. It gives you a small amount in return to cancel your bet on a match (or entire ticket).

Should you accept it?

It’s tricky because there is always the question: “What if I win it all?” But, what if you lose???

So, whether you use the cash out option or not depends on you and your gut. Will your team win or lose? If you think they’ll win, wait until the end. But, if the odds are not in their favor, you better accept what William Hill offers you.

What Sports Can I Use the Cash In Cash Out Feature On?

You can use the cash in cash out option on almost all sports available for betting at William Hill. However, there are a few exceptions.

The first one is horse riding. Unfortunately, you can’t use early cash in on horse racing bets as this option disappears the moment the race starts. Therefore, if you want to cancel your bet on a horse race, you should do it before it begins.

The second exception is when using William Hill free bets. Due to being part of the bookmaker’s promotions and it’s free (hence, you don’t bet with your money), you can’t cash out a free bet. However, some free bets CAN be cashed out. That’s why it’s best to read the Terms & Conditions of the promotion you use.

And, last but not least, specific types of bets can’t be cashed out. This includes “each-way” bets, which affects horse racing bets but it doesn’t affect football bets. It also includes enhanced odds bets and flash odds betting markets.

You Are Eligible for the Cash Out Feature But Still Can’t Use It?

There are a few reasons eligible punters can’t cash out their bet:

  • You haven’t initiated the cash out feature. Failing to do so won’t activate the option for early cashing in.
  • Technical issue. There may be some technical problem with the website and you get a notification that William Hill cash out isn’t working. This could be due to poor internet signal or live betting delays.

Can I Use William Hill Cash In Cash Out Feature for In-Store Bets?

Yes, you can cash out your bet in any William Hill betting store in the UK.

How Will I Know When I Can Cash Out My Bet?

You’ll receive a notification that you can cash out your bet when this option becomes available. You can check its availability by going to the end of your ticket. If the cash out button is green, you can cash out partial winnings earlier. But, if it’s gray, it means the option is still unavailable or you can no longer cash out your bet.

Can I Withdraw Money Quickly?

Whether you have just cashed out your bet or your ticket was a winning one, you want to get your money as soon as possible. Well, that may not go the way you want as many sports betting sites have a 3-day verification delay. So, yeah, this means you have to wait for 3 days to get your money.

Fortunately, William Hill offers instant withdrawal of funds. When you withdraw your money from your account, it’s immediately transferred to the bank account you used to deposit on the site.

To do it:

  • Click the icon of your account.
  • Click “Withdraw Funds”.
  • Confirm the amount you want to withdraw and the bank you want to withdraw to.

That’s it!

Final Thoughts

By offering the cash in cash out feature, William Hill allows bettors to reduce the risk of loss. They accept a small portion of their potential winning, thus avoiding another lost ticket and non-returning deposit. Bettors get more freedom to decide how they want to bet and whether they will want until the end of the match or will end the struggle of watching their team lose and get some money.

Whether you accept or decline the cash out option is up to you. But, if you think your ticket will be a losing one, it’s best to cash out early.

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