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 Betting on the horse races is fun and exciting. People have a good time cheering their horses on and hoping to win some money. Now it is easier than ever to bet on horse races. A person does not even have to leave their home to place the bets. The TV mobile app will allow a person to bet on a horse race without having to travel anywhere.

The TVG Mobile app is like having a mobile bookie! It is currently available for those that have an iOS device. The app can be found in the iTunes store and can be downloaded on any device that uses the iOS system including touch screen devices. This program is free to download and install.           

The TVG Mobile app is secure to use. It is also legal and safe. A person should be at least 17 years of age to use this app since it does allow for betting.

TVG Mobile App Features      

When a person is looking for a high-quality horse race betting app the TVG Mobile is a top choice.  A person will get notifications of any free races right on their device. There is a section where they can check out any handicap information that will help them place a bet. There is also a place where they can watch the races live in HD quality even if they do not have a bet on the race.

The betting features are on this app are easy to use and the navigation is simple. There is a tab where a player can place their bets and they can manage all of their bets. There are different payment methods for betting on this site including the Paypal feature which makes things easy to use. If a person does not have this service they can use a major credit card. The payment transfers will happen instantly so a person will have the funds in their user accounts to place a bet.

A player can bet on all of the major races in the United States. This includes Belmar, Del Mar, and the Kentucky Derby. There are free picks of experts as well as both live and videos of races. A player can bet on the winner of the race and they can make all of the bets they would at the racetrack. They can also see the odds on each horse before they place a bet.  A player will have access to promotions. They can see the results of any race they bet on and read some facts about the racetrack. When a person does have a race coming up the mobile app will send an alert so they can watch the race live. A person will tap on their screen to place their bet and they are ready to go.

The TVH Mobile makes it easy to bet on horseraces online. This app is easy to use and will allow a player to enjoy all of the racing action from their home.


About the Author: Mark Bargatze

Mark has been a betting man for nearly 20 years now. He is mainly into sports betting & horse racing. But also likes to play an occasional poker tournament. He shares all his betting experience on his blog.

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