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Many countries across the globe restrict access to certain online betting sites. This is because they don’t have a national license, which allows them to legally operate in that country. Not having the right to operate in several countries, bookmakers lose clients and profit. That’s why they have created mirror betting sites, a.k.a copy sites to allow unrestricted access to bettors regardless of their country of residence.

However, being copies of bookmakers’ original sites raises the question of whether they are legal and safe to use.

We answer this and other questions in this post. So, let’s read on!

What Are Mirror Betting Sites?

Mirror betting sites, also known as a clone or alternative sites, are a replica of the original site. They have different a URL but still allow users to access an “official” site operating safely just like the original site.

With mirror betting sites, bettors from countries like Russia, Turkey, and China, which ban online betting and gambling sites, can access and try their luck on their preferred sportsbooks. They work perfectly in the countries where their original site is banned because they are intended for those countries. While some of them are created for specific countries, others cover all countries around the world.

Some online sportsbooks create mirror sites to reduce the traffic of the original site, not just because of bans.

Do Mirror Betting Sites Get Banned?

Yes, they do. After some time, the government identifies that those sites represent the site banned so they are also banned. In this case, the bookmaker simply replaces the banned link with a new one and it keeps on operating normally. So, you don’t have to worry about being tricked.

Are Mirror Betting Sites Safe to Use?

When using an alternative site for betting, its safety is under question because you are using a copy of the site, not the original one. Although it may sound risky, you don’t have to worry about it since mirror betting sites are safe to use.


Because you use the same betting provider and all their services are synchronized to provide you live streaming, real-time results, odds, and in-game betting like the original site does. Plus, since it is the same betting provider, a high degree of security is maintained. This ensures bettors that there won’t be any risks to their devices and finances.

Do you still fear you may be tricked at some point?

Then, you can choose a brokerage service like Sportmarket and Asianconnect. These services give bettors access to popular online betting sites. However, they are more suitable for bigger bettors.

Are Mirror Betting Sites Legal?

Yes, they are!

Although mirror sites aren’t official sites of the sportsbooks, they are legal to use even in countries that prohibit them. It is because you are not visiting the official link of the sportsbook but a link. Seen as a regular link, using mirror betting sites doesn’t put users in any danger.

When Should I Use a Mirror Betting Site?

Whether you bet on the bookmaker’s original site or its mirror site, it’s up to you. Both “versions” of the betting provider’s website are safe to use. However, there are a few instances when you have to use a mirror betting site.

The first one is when an online betting provider is banned by your country’s government. In this case, your access to the provider’s site is restricted. So, the only option is to go to its mirror site.

The second instance is when there is a big sports event and every bettor wants to try their luck. The high traffic volume on the website prevents the opening of the page or slows down its loading time.

The last one is during sports betting peak hours. Whether there is a popular match or it just happens thousands of people betting at the same time, having thousands of people placing bets on the website leads to slow loading or prevents access to the site.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, don’t waste your time waiting for the page to respond but go to some of its mirror sites.


Where Can I Find Mirror Betting Site Links?

You can find mirror betting site links in several ways:

  • On Google

To find an alternative betting site link, simply search for “bookmaker’s name + site mirror” or “alternative link + bookmaker’s name”.

For example, if you’re searching for a PointsBet mirror site, you should search for “PointsBet mirror sites” or “alternative link PointsBet”.

  • Using a Specialized Website

There are websites that deal with finding mirror betting sites for popular online bookmakers. They gather all alternative links a bookmaker has, categorize them per provider, and list them on their website. You can simply google “mirror betting site links” or “mirror betting sites” and you will find websites that offer bookmakers’ alternative sites.

  • Contact the Bookmaker

The last option is to contact the bookmaker, asking them to provide you with an alternative link because you can’t access their original website. You can do this via email or, if they use live chat support, write them there.

However, this is the least used option for finding mirror betting sites because bookmakers usually don’t list nor give the links to their mirror sites. They want all traffic to go to their original site so they can track the number of users and their betting preferences to improve their experience on the site.

Alternatives to Mirror Betting Sites

If you don’t want to use a mirror betting site or you can’t find or access one, there are a few other alternatives. They are VPN software, localized betting sites, and bitcoin bookmakers.

Which one is better to use?

Is it better to stick to a mirror betting site or use any of these alternatives?

Let’s compare them and find it out!

VPN software

VPN software masks your IP address, thus allowing you to access the bookmaker’s original website. However, this option is least recommended because it can result in banning and penalties.

Namely, online betting sites, like the Asian bookmaker 188bet, restrict or suspend accounts associated with VPNs. This is because VPN services mask your IP and country, which prevents the bookmaker from validating your ID. After all, they provide bettors with mirror site links so they can access their website from wherever they are.

Mirror Site or a VPN?

The answer is a mirror site. It’s safe, secure, legal, and won’t break any rules bookmakers may have. Using alternative sites of your preferred bookmaker(s) will allow you to enjoy games without worries.

Localized Site

A localized site is an official site of the bookmaker but accessible only to a specific country. Namely, the bookmaker has purchased a national license for a country and created a dedicated site only citizens of that country can access. So, instead of accessing the .com site of the bookmaker, you access a site that ends in your country’s domain. For example, .it is for Italy, .au for Australia, .es for Spain, etc.

Some bookmakers automatically redirect you to the localized site even if you write their official URL ending on .com.

Mirror Site or a Localized Site?

It’s up to you! Both sites are safe, secure, and legal to use. However, if you can access a localized site, why bother accessing a mirror site?

The localized site allows you normal (regular) access to the bookmaker’s website. The mirror site, on the other hand, is a clone of the original site and provides you with better accessibility and availability when the original site is inaccessible due to high traffic or reduced site loading speed.

Bitcoin Bookmaker

Bitcoin bookmakers, as their name suggests, accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as payment options. With that, they circumvent the restrictions of access. Due to using an international currency (cryptocurrency), these online betting providers can accept users from all around the world.

However, there are two problems with these sportsbooks. The first one is that you must use a cryptocurrency for betting. The second one is that there aren’t many bitcoin bookmakers available.

Mirror Betting Site or a Bitcoin Bookmaker?

Due to accepting only cryptocurrencies and the lack of choice of bitcoin bookmakers, mirror betting sites are your best option.


Today, country restrictions regarding accessing an online betting site are in the past thanks to the mirror betting sites. These replica sites allow you to enjoy the game, try your luck, and experience the bookmaker’s original site without actually visiting it. They are safe, secure, legal to use, and provide you with the same experience as if you’re on the official betting site.

Of course, there are other alternatives to accessing a bookmaker’s site, such as using a VPN service, a localized site, and a bitcoin bookmaker. However, mirror sites are the best option when the bookmaker’s official site is banned in your country. And, even if a mirror site gets banned, sportsbooks will provide another link to a mirror site in no time.

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Mark has been a betting man for nearly 20 years now. He is mainly into sports betting & horse racing. But also likes to play an occasional poker tournament. He shares all his betting experience on his blog.

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