How to Deposit and Withdraw Bitcoin on Bovada

Bovada is an online casino. It is associated with excellent features and great bonuses. How do you deposit and withdraw bitcoin on Bovada? All these questions will be answered in this article. You will also get to learn the merits and demerits of depositing and withdrawing your bitcoins on Bovada.

Best Features of Bovada

Bovada has a wide range of excellent games. The software that is used to provide game titles is top-notch. With this aspect, you will get to enjoy real-time gaming.

Another characteristic of this online casino is the Sportsbook. Usually, a majority of online gamblers spend their time on this aspect. Some of the major attraction reasons include the various games, different betting chances, and limitless betting opportunities.

There is the Racebook that contains Blackjack, table games, and specialty games. The racebook also has video poker titles. Bovada also has a poker room where you can get to choose your best matches.

How to Deposit Bitcoin on Bovada?

Bovada has prioritized bitcoin as the cheapest deposit option on its site.
The first thing that you need to do is to get your cryptocurrency wallet. Some cryptocurrency wallets are free, and others for sale. The best option that you can pick is to utilize one of the free cryptocurrency wallets. Bovada recommends BreadWallet.

After you have purchased your bitcoins, you need to keep them in your private cryptocurrency wallet. For your bitcoin to be safe, use a unique address. The best thing about having your wallet is that it is unique. You do not have to stress about depositing your purchased bitcoins in the wrong wallet. It is because every wallet has an exceptional address.
The moment your wallet has been funded, you go ahead and deposit bitcoin to your Bovada account. Depositing can be in three different methods;

1.    Copy the bitcoin address and directly send money to them.
2.    Start by launching your bitcoin wallet. The site offers an easy method where you click the wallet interface. After launching, deposit your money.
3.    There is a QR code that is provided. Scan it using your tablet or phone and then type the amount you want to deposit.

As a first-timer, think of using a promotional code provided. There is the Bovada bitcoin bonus deposit. This helps you to gain and claim bonuses. The beauty of using bitcoin to deposit is you do not have to pay processing fees. For credit card deposits, there are charges that you incur. The reason why credit cards are expensive is that conversion fees apply.

Remember that when you are depositing with bitcoin on Bovada, there is a minimum and limit. The minimum amount is 10 US dollars and a maximum of 5,000 USD. For credit cards, the minimum is 20 USD, and the maximum of 1,500 USD. The limit of bitcoin deposits is higher.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin on Bovada

Bovada is limiting when it comes to withdrawals using bitcoin. Here, you can only withdraw once every three days. The maximum amount you can withdraw is 9,500 USD and a minimum of 10 USD.

When you are playing using real currencies, withdrawals can be made once every seven days. The minimum and maximum withdrawals are different from bitcoin withdrawal. Bitcoin has received much promotion on the Bovada site. This is attributed to the free deposits and withdrawals.
For you to get Bovada bonuses, deposit your bitcoin in the Sportsbook or casino. You will get a bonus of up to 1,500 USD for casino deposits. This bonus can be redeemed up to three times. Nonetheless, ensure that you use the promotional code provided. For Sportsbook deposits, a bonus of 500 USD will be achieved. The use of the promotional code is also crucial here.

Additional Benefits of Bovada

Bovada’s games can be accessed through a web browser on your tablet or smartphone. There is no need to install an application.
Also, the poker tables are well optimized. This makes your playing hassle-free and enjoyable.
There are tournaments known as Nightly Majors. These tournaments are held all days of the week. The good thing about these tournaments is that they have low buy-ins, and the prizes can fetch up to 25,000 USD. Usually, there is a guaranteed set price, which these tournaments have.
New tables are also added frequently, the latest type being ‘quick seat.’ This feature allows for seamless transfer from one table to another.

In conclusion, you need to stick to using bitcoin for your deposits and withdrawals on Bovada. Not only are you guaranteed exciting bonuses, but a thrilling experience!

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