Top 4 Horse Racing Betting Apps

Horse racing betting is very legal in the US and among numerous other states. Smartphone apps are the primary way individuals have fun and manage their serviceable life. However, Horseracing is not very different since it has a hundred apps accessible for you to bet and experience racing and it’s beneficially.

Top 4 Horse Racing Betting Apps

  1. Paddy Power
  2. Bet365
  3. BitVictor
  4. TVG

With horse racing mobile apps, someone can receive the latest news concerning your beloved runners and racetracks and watch live races. Therefore, we have reviewed the four top-rated apps. We have looked at an assortment of factors and guarantee someone that the below apps are safe to utilize and offer an excellent mobile horse betting experience.

1.    Paddy Power Mobile App

Paddy Power Mobile App

  • Available for iOS & Android.
  • Watch over 100,00 events each year.
  • Exactly the same features in the app as on the website.

Paddy Power is one of the most famous horse racing currently in the market.  This horse racing app is easy to navigate compared to many other related. The app can also provide similar features on the website and desktop, making it simple for the user to switch between them. Besides, this app is a bookmaker that always targets horse racing being their major part of the package.

The very genuine passion which this paddy has for horse racing is revealed in the continual development of their applications that got very superior features. However, this app is much simple to utilize and also compatible with numerous devices. While showing the majority of horse races, they still stream a numeral of these races they eventually show.


2.    Bet365 Mobile App

bet365 mobile app

  • Available for iOS & Android.
  • Very easy to navigate.
  • Simultaneously watch races & place bets.

Bet365 has rapidly become among the affordable and superlative bookies in horse racing; besides, it straightforward for someone to navigate and use this application and also earn a lot. Also, the app has an exceptional support feature, and it very dependable. Further, this application provides an extensive range of exciting horse racing events accessible for the user to stream, and also, they typically increase superior quantity to select from.

Again, they provide impressive live streams that open on the side and allow the users to place their bets while still watching the horse racing action. Besides, this application offers a fascinating feature where their live video module is much combined. This allows the users to stay and watch while aware of the ongoing events and races they are betting.

The best feature of this app is that they often respond to many queries every time. Their coverage is unparalleled, while this factor connects with the layout on their app, which represents why they are best among many related apps. You will love the exciting features offered by this application.

More Bet365 alternatives:


3.    BetVictor Mobile App

bet victor mobile horse racing app

  • Available for both iOS & Android.
  • Instant £30 bonus after sign up & £5 bet.
  • Stream live races or rewatch missed races.

This app is among the preferred horse racing betting app with very superior regards. If someone is targeting horse racing, thus this app will be the best selection for you ever.  The BetVictor horse racing provides typically superior level, in the assessment of their major competitors. Also, it has a broad selection of beneficial streaming events that embraces numerous Ireland and UK races.

Admirably, any user is capable to” rewatch” the races they missed out on or preferably go back to a specific race. Regardless of their streaming feature being a bit limited, they go further and excel at offering the streaming coverage of every horse racing. Also, they provide sufficient coverage of worldwide horse racing events like in South Africa and the UAE.

BetVictor application is accessible with many Apple and Android devices, though it fails to support the windows devices. Besides, this application is simple to utilize and comes with a smooth interface for any user’s comfort. The app still provides its users with handicapping info, expert picks, and analysis, and all of them for free.

The application also provides an attractive feature that lets every punter get improved odds for about 15 minutes.  The countless individuals in their desktop topographies are present in the application. Admirably, even for users whose mobile application is not very compatible, they can access and enjoy BetVictor features via their web application.


4.    TVG Mobile App

TV mobile app

  • Available for iOS.
  • Over 120 track feeds.
  • Great security.
  • Set custom alerts.
  • 100% Deposit bonus at sign up!

With the TVG Mobile App, someone can easily watch the track odds the same in-individual bet. The clients are also enabled to set their alerting alarms to avoid them from missing any horse racing. Also, someone can access a complete list of horses and races waiting to get sorted by track, favorites, and time and featured.

The TVG added extra security and safety for the users in horse racing bets.  And also, someone’s wagers will get connected with bets which are positioned live on track. The users of this app can probably check the out comings tab at any time and distinguish how did you win and how much.

Besides, there are over 120 track feeds for any user to select from.  And still, you can watch live racing on your selected races together with the chance of watching a full screen. However, this app’s beneficial feature is that they have instant cash and deposit selections accessible right in the app. All around, you will love everything about this horse racing app since it offers fantastic features and benefits to its users.


As a result, I think now someone cannot get confused again over the superlative and beneficial horse racing gambling app to select from. However, after optioning the best gambling horse racing, keep level head, and study their detailed rules and regulations before placing any bets. Therefore, consider picking your betting app from the above guide, we have provided the advantageous, easy to use, and affordable ones to meet your expectations and needs.

About the Author: Mark Bargatze

Mark has been a betting man for nearly 20 years now. He is mainly into sports betting & horse racing. But also likes to play an occasional poker tournament. He shares all his betting experience on his blog.

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