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Ever since online betting has become legal in the USA, a lot of online casinos and sportsbooks have been launched. Many bettors are confused about which site to bet at due to the vast choice. Among all online betting sites, FanDuel seems to be the best sportsbook for many bettors. It has outrun its competitors due to its numerous features and advantages.

Although it’s the biggest and most popular sportsbook operator in the US, FanDuel is not the go-to site for all bettors. Many look for FanDuel alternatives to try their luck, get higher welcome bonuses, and get better odds.

Are you also looking FanDuel alternatives?

Then, stick around as we look at the best FanDuel alternatives for online sports betting.

FanDuel Alternatives Review Criteria

If you googled out “online betting sites the USA”, “sites like fanduel”, or “fanduel alternatives”, you’ve come across a dozen of recommended online betting sites. But, which one to choose?

There are A LOT of online betting sites like FanDuel, but not all of them are good. By this, I mean that not all have a license required to operate legally, user-friendly interface, bets available, fair odds, and reliable payout. Yes, some online betting sites are scams, which is why you have to be very careful. That’s why we’ve searched for the best FanDuel alternatives based on the following criteria:


Rule number one is online betting is to always choose legal betting sites. Those sites have a license for operating as online sportsbook operators. As such, they are reliable and offer bettors great bonuses, good odds, and, most importantly, easy payouts.

Interface and User Experience

When playing to win money, a clean and well-organized interface is essential. You want the site to clearly display spreads, lines, odds, and live bets. Otherwise, it’d be frustrating because you won’t be able to get around the site well. And, that kills the fun!


Everyone wants to get better odds, so they can win. But not all online betting sites offer the same odds. Some offer much better odds compared to their competitors and that’s where you’ll play. Knowing how important odds are to you, we’ve taken into account this criterion when choosing the best FanDuel alternatives.

Choice of Bets

Odds are important, but the choice of bets is also important. You don’t want to bet on boring games, right? That’s why having a good variety of games available is a factor we’ve taken into account when making this list.

We’ve looked at sites that offer most sports, including NBA, NFL, tennis, golf, MLB, racing, and eSports.

Customer Reviews

Customer (or, in this case, bettor) reviews are of great importance when choosing any product or service. Knowing if other bettors like a site, their odds, bonuses, and their overall experience on the site gives you a good idea of whether a site is worth signing up at or not. That’s why we’ve looked at the reviews of online betting sites and chose the ones with the best reviews.

5 Best FanDuel Alternatives

After carefully looking around and eliminating sites following the abovementioned criteria, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best FanDuel alternatives.

Let’s check them out!


Draftkings is definitely the biggest competitor of FanDuel. In fact, there has been a debate FanDuel vs DraftKings for years because they are the leading online betting sites in the US. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses and where one is better, the other one falls behind and vice versa.

What makes DraftKings the #1 alternative to FanDuel is that it comes with a lot of great features such as an impressive interface, Daily Fantasy Sports competitions, great odds, a big welcome bonus, ongoing promotions, online casino, and offers live betting.

Compared to FanDuel, it offers a bigger welcome bonus of $1,000, a much faster payout, and a same-day payout option. It also makes constant novelties and improvements to keep up with users’ needs.

DraftKings is available in many states across the US, offers various deposit and withdrawal options, and has a modern app with a great user experience.


Although relatively new and available only in several states across the US, PointsBet has climbed up the ladder fast. It has become one of the dominant online betting sites thanks to its user-friendly and modern interface, great marketing, and a very generous welcome bonus of $1,500.

PointsBet comes with several impressive features, including various in-game betting options, bet refunds, and 5-star customer service. One of the in-game betting options is Pointsbetting which allows bettors to win a multiplied sum of their bet. It’s much riskier, but, hey, it could bring them way more money!

Compared to DraftKings, as a better site, and FanDuel, PointsBet currently offers only full-scale betting. Also, it’s available only in a few states, including New Jersey, Illinois, and Iowa.


Caesars is yet another big name among US sportsbooks. It has recently acquired the well-known William Hill, a smart move that has pushed it among the big players on the online sports betting scene.

This sportsbook comes with an amazing interface, live betting option, prop bets, and a superior overall experience. It also offers a $1,001 welcome bonus in the form of a risk-free bet.

However, unlike FanDuel and the best-ranked alternative, DraftKings, Caesars doesn’t offer an online casino nor Daily Fantasy Sports competitions. Also, it’s not available in many states as they are. This sportsbook is available in 3 states, including New Jersey, Illinois, and Indiana.

FoxBet (PokerStars)

Here’s another online betting site that stands up to being one of the best in the industry. Operating under the name PokerStars, this site offers a range of great features. It comes with a user-friendly and modern interface, impressive promotions, awesome branding, a good choice of sports, a plethora of betting options, and live betting. It also offers an app for Android and iOS.

What we like about FoxBet (Pokerstars) is that it offers up to 25% in rewards and 100 points for every dollar spent on fees or rake on any tournament and high-stake cash games. There are also Monthly Poker Challenges which add 40% in rewards. This means the most regular, highest-level players can win as much as 65% back with these promotions.

Another thing we like is the vast choice of betting options. You can choose from single bet, double bet, treble, multiple bets, Trixie, Patent, accumulator, Yankee, and many many other betting options. Also, there are “custom bets” and “bet boosts” which offer long or boosted odds.

Of course, FoxBet is not perfect and misses some features FanDuel offers to its bettors. One of them is same-game parlays. FoxBet doesn’t offer it the way FanDuel does. Another thing is the live betting odds. They need to be better so that bettors enjoy them more.

FoxBet is available in 4 states: Colorado, Michigan. New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


BetMGM is another well-known online betting site in the US. Unlike many other sportsbooks, this one is not only web-based but also has land-based casinos across the US.

This site offers an attractive welcome bonus of $1,000 in free bets. It also has numerous ongoing promotions like refer-a-friend-and-get-$50-cash, weekly $10 in free bets, and many others. And, let’s not forget that there are plenty of betting options, including live betting.

What we like about BetMGM is that it features a clean interface, A LOT of sports to bet on, various payment methods, and super fast payouts. It also has live streaming to spice up the overall experience on the site.

Compared to FanDuel, BetMGM doesn’t offer free games and doesn’t accept Venmo as a payment method. Also, it has a minimum withdrawal of $10, unlike FanDuel which doesn’t have a minimum amount.

BetMGM offers a mobile app for Android and iOS and is available in multiple states across the US with plans on expanding in near future.

Final Thoughts

FanDuel is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the industry. However, it has flaws bettors can’t ignore. For instance, the payout process is long. It may take up to a week which is just too long. There are also other withdrawal issues even after bettors’ accounts are verified.

Many players have reported issues with the app, especially with the Cash Out feature and early ending of bets when using the app. Namely, bettors have experienced cash-out issues, such as not being able to cash out their wins. As they claim, the Cash Out button didn’t work and the option to cash out their bet has disappeared.

Another drawback of this sportsbook is its Player Geolocation feature. Namely, bettors have experienced player location issues, which doesn’t allow them to bet although they live in a legal state. Other sportsbooks use better technology that allows them to locate players more accurately.

Well, it’s no wonder you seek for FanDuel alternatives.

The good thing is that there are many online sportsbooks you can bet on. Although they don’t offer the same bonuses, odds, bet choices, or sports, they are all good. But, if you’re looking for the best FanDuel alternative, DraftKings is the one.

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