Coral Connect Card: What is it? Best Odds?

Online betting has become a huge trend in the past few years. It’s more convenient as it allows you to bet on the go or wherever you are. You only need a smartphone or a computer and an internet connection.

Still, some bettors prefer in-store betting. Some prefer in-store betting because of the in-person feeling while others for the fun and thrill when going to the local shop.

Looking for a way to please all bettors, Coral have created the Coral Connect Card. This card allows bettors to bet anyway they want – online, in-store, or over the phone. They can combine their online and in-store betting and enjoy its benefits, such as Guaranteed Best Odds.

Still don’t have a Coral Connect card? Having doubts about its use and benefits?

You will find everything you need to know about the Coral Connect card and its best odds in this article. Let’s read on!

Coral Connect Card: What Is It?

Coral Connect Card was launched in 2015 with the idea to allow bettors to combine their betting preferences. It is a contactless multi-channel card that allows bettors to bet however they like, wherever they liken, whenever they like. It can be used on all online betting sites, in a sports betting store, or over the phone. It’s up to you!

This card is like a universal multi-purpose card that replaces all debit and credit cards with a single card. Apart from allowing you to use it at online betting sites and sports betting stores, this card also offers you numerous benefits and promotions like withdrawing online winnings in stores and guaranteed best odds.

Coral Connect Card Benefits

If you had doubts about using the Coral Connect card, its benefits will show you why it’s the best betting card.

Bonuses and Exclusive Offers

Coral Connect card users can enjoy numerous bonuses and exclusive offers. For instance, new users get a reward for signing up for the service. Also, they get access to online and in-shop promotions. And, they get the best odds guaranteed for horse racing in sports betting stores.

Deposit in Cash

You can deposit money to your Coral Connect card and use them for betting. You can deposit your cash on your card in any of the Coral retail stores. Then, you can use them at online sports betting sites, betting stores, and even for betting over the phone.

Withdraw Online Winnings In-Store

Are you tired of having the same online withdrawal option?

The Coral Connect card offers you something the other payment providers don’t: in-store withdrawal!

That means you can withdraw the money you won online at any Coral store. No more waiting for funds transfer. Just head to your closest Coral store and request funds withdrawal for your account. You can get your earned cash as soon as you win your bet!

One Account for Your Betting Funds

You don’t have to think about which card to use when placing your next bet online. Your Coral Connect account holds all your funds. You can use them for whichever type of betting you want; sports, lottos, gaming, online or offline. It’s all in one place!

No Bank Account

Finally, you don’t have to connect your bank account to your online betting profile. With the Coral Connect card, you can bet by only using the card. Just deposit as much money as you want on your card and you’re ready to go.

How to Get a Coral Connect Card?

Have you finally decided to get a Coral Connect Card? Great!

Before we head to the steps of getting the card, let’s be clear that you must be at least 18 years old.

Now, to get your Coral Connect card, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a Coral account by visiting their official website:
  • Go to one of the Coral stores and ask for a free Coral Connect card.
  • One of the staff there will ask you for your Coral username and a 4-digit PIN you’d want to use for your card.
  • They will activate your card and will give it to you.

Coral Connect App

Coral Connect card owners have the Coral Connect App for more convenient card management. However, the app also allows you to:

  • Track your online or in-store bets.
  • Cashout in-store bets.
  • Cashout in-store coupons.
  • Horse racing live streaming.
  • Follow the latest results of your sports and your bets.
  • Get the latest news and updates on your favorite teams.

Best Odds with Coral Connect Card

It seems that every bettor wants to know about the guaranteed best odds promotion. Well, the first thing you should know is that this promotion is available only for bets placed on horse racing. So, you participate in this promotion only if you bet on horses.

How Does the Best Odds Guaranteed Promotion Work?

If you accept a price on a horse and its Starting Price is higher when the race starts, Coral will pay you out at the higher odds. On the other hand, if the Starting Price is lower, Coral will pay you at the price odds you accepted.

To make this clear, let’s say you’ve placed a bet of $30 on a horse with early odds of 5.0 and the Starting Price is 6.0. In this case, you’ll be paid $180. However, if the Starting Price is 4.5, you’ll be paid $150.

Additionally, there is a money-back option if the horse you bet on falls or unseats during the race. This option is for qualifying bets and guarantees you will get your money back.

Best Odds Guaranteed Rules

Before entering the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion, you need to know the following rules:

  • You must place your bet online on race day, not in-store.
  • This promotion isn’t available on Match Bets, Tote, Green Tick, Place Only, Ante-Post, Insurance Bets, Betting Without, and pari-mutuel markets.
  • Bets placed after the race starts don’t count.
  • If there’s a rule 4 in the race, they will be paid at higher odds after the rule 4 reduction comes off.
  • There’s a daily cap limit of £50k ($67,563) per bettor.

Lost Coral Connect Card?

No one wants to lose things, especially cards loaded with money, but it happens. If you lose your Coral Connect card, you can request a new one.

You can get a new Coral Connect card in 2 ways:

  • Visit the closest Coral store. Tell them that you’ve lost your card and request a new one if you know your card number and provide your ID. Without the card number, you can’t get a new card in-store.
  • Contact the customer support via phone at 0800 44 00 11 or email at They will tell you how to get a new card.

Is Coral Connect Card Worth It?

The Coral Connect card comes with A LOT of benefits for bettors, from access to continuous bonuses and special promotions to best odds and in-store withdrawals. It’s free, easy to use, and you can use it for online, in-store, and over the phone betting. Plus, since you can deposit as much or as little as you want, using this card is a great way to control how much you spend on betting.

And, if you still have doubts about getting your Coral Connect card, let me tell you that everyone who registers for a Coral account gets £20 in free bets for a £5 deposit on a bet.

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Mark has been a betting man for nearly 20 years now. He is mainly into sports betting & horse racing. But also likes to play an occasional poker tournament. He shares all his betting experience on his blog.

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