Sports Betting

Sports Betting 24-11-2022

The rise of betting on Formula 1 races

Following Formula I is an exciting and challenging activity that more and more people are enjoying. The screeching engines and squeaky tires apparently trigger something in people that can be compared to few other things. Formula I is not only cool to watch, but also interesting to bet on.  And with the new Remote Gambling […]

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Sports Betting 21-11-2022

Betting on the Group Stages of the World Cup: What are the Possibilities?

The World Cup has now really started. Time to not worry about which country will be the new world champion, but to see how you can bet on the group stage of the World Cup. After all, that is the phase in which most matches are played. All 32 participants are placed in a pool. […]

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Sports Betting 20-11-2022

These are the favourites for the Fifa World Cup 2022

Soon, 32 countries from around the world will gather in Qatar to compete against each other in one of the most exciting football events. The favorites to win the 2022 World Cup are fairly well known. The FIFA World Cup starts on November 21 with group games and it will take a while before a […]

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Sports Betting 05-11-2022

How to Understand Cricket Odds

If you are a cricket enthusiast and loves betting on the world’s number one sportsbook maker Bet365, but don’t understand the betting site’s cricket odds, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about cricket odds on one of the best sports betting websites, […]

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Sports Betting 30-10-2022

5 Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in Bangladesh & More

Cricket is the most popular sport in Bangladesh. The country is filled with die-hard fans of strong domestic leagues, test matches, and international one-days. Along with the enthusiasm for this widely loved sport, bettors in Bangladesh intermingle their love for cricket with online betting, making online cricket betting immensely famous amongst punters. Is Online Cricket […]

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William Hill
Sports Betting 20-10-2022

William Hill Cash in Cash Out Feature Explained

Willian Hill is one of the best-known and biggest online bookmakers in the UK. As such, they follow the latest trends in online betting. So, it’s no wonder they’ve been one of the first online sports betting sites to add the cash in cash out feature to their system. What does this mean to bettors? […]

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Sports Betting 14-10-2022

Twitch Prohibits Gambling Streams

In recent years, there has been a lot to do to gamble on Twitch. Recently, there was another fuss, after which the streaming platform has decided to intervene. From October 18, there will be a ban on Twitch on gambling streams from illegal online casinos with slots, roulette or dice games. The controversial online casino […]

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betting odds
Sports Betting 16-09-2022

How to Read Sport Betting Odds

Reading odds and understanding what they mean is important for those who love betting on sports events. Odds tell you the possibility of an event happening ( which team is likely to win) and how much your potential winnings are. Now for newbies, odds can appear confusing. That’s because there are several numbers on the […]

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betting India
Sports Betting 15-07-2022

Top 5 Betting sites in India

Betting, the game of chance, the game of luck has long been one of the favorites online sport in many countries and India is no exception to this. The tradition of gambling is deep-rooted inside India’s culture, be it sports, dice, weather, matches, political outcomes, you can find betters who love to put a bet […]

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Sports Betting 20-06-2022

The Most Popular Sports Americans Love To Bet On

USA’s Top Sports for Wagers More and more Americans are betting on sports these days. But which are the most popular for wagers? The answers are below, along with some handy tips to get started. The NFL Football (or American football for overseas soccer lovers) is the biggest sport in the US and the NFL […]

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