Betting on the Group Stages of the World Cup: What are the Possibilities?

The World Cup has now really started. Time to not worry about which country will be the new world champion, but to see how you can bet on the group stage of the World Cup. After all, that is the phase in which most matches are played.

All 32 participants are placed in a pool. A pool consists of four countries. So there are eight groups in which they play and in which countries try to qualify for the knock-out phase of the 2022 World Cup.

In the group stage, each country plays three matches. Per round, two matches will be played in each group. Of the 64 matches played in this final round in Qatar, 48 will be played in the group stage.


You can place bets on all these 48 matches. From 1X2 to multiscore and from Over/under goals to handicaps and percentages of possession.

Most of the licensed bookmakers offer more than 120 bets per match. You will undoubtedly find interesting bets that fit your betting strategy.


Do you want to bet on something other than the matches? Then it is possible to bet on group profit. For each group, the bookmakers have made an estimate of which country has the best chance of winning the group. With the exception of Pool E, in which Spain and Germany have two top countries, and Pool H (Portugal and Uruguay), each group has a top favorite.

Betting on the top favorite is betting on lower odds, but with a greater chance of winning the bet. Moreover, you can combine the number of predictions into a treble, four fold or even bigger.

A possible bet could be a bet on group winnings for the Netherlands (pool A), England (pool B), Argentina (pool C), France (Pool D), Belgium (Pool F) and Brazil (Pool G). These are all the outspoken top favorites to win their pool.

Individually, bets on these predictions may not be financial hits, but combined this bet yields odds above 8.00.


Per pool you can also bet on the countries that will place themselves in the top-2 of the pool. This bet is especially interesting for groups in which it can get quite exciting behind the killed group winner whichever country qualifies for the knock-out phase of the World Cup.

Because bookmakers also do not know exactly how the World Cup will go, it is smart to place these bets before the tournament starts. The odds are still set up with a stroke of the arm, which means that there is a margin of error in them.

If the first balls have actually been kicked, bookmakers can better estimate which countries are promising and which are not. The odds are then adjusted very quickly.


Finally, we want to discuss with you the options you have if you want to bet on a country. You can make a prediction for all 32 participating countries. You can use how you think a country will perform.

You can indicate whether a country becomes world champion, whether the final is reached or whether a country is eliminated in the group stage. You can also bet or how many points a country will get in the group stage.

In short, even in the first phase, or in the first phase, of the World Cup in Qatar, there is plenty to bet! Have fun 🙂

About the Author: Mark Bargatze

Mark has been a betting man for nearly 20 years now. He is mainly into sports betting & horse racing. But also likes to play an occasional poker tournament. He shares all his betting experience on his blog.

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