Sports Betting 20-11-2022

These are the favourites for the Fifa World Cup 2022

Soon, 32 countries from around the world will gather in Qatar to compete against each other in one of the most exciting football events. The favorites to win the 2022 World Cup are fairly well known. The FIFA World Cup starts on November 21 with group games and it will take a while before a […]

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Sports Betting 05-11-2022

How to Understand Cricket Odds

If you are a cricket enthusiast and loves betting on the world’s number one sportsbook maker Bet365, but don’t understand the betting site’s cricket odds, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about cricket odds on one of the best sports betting websites, […]

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William Hill
Sports Betting 20-10-2022

William Hill Cash in Cash Out Feature Explained

Willian Hill is one of the best-known and biggest online bookmakers in the UK. As such, they follow the latest trends in online betting. So, it’s no wonder they’ve been one of the first online sports betting sites to add the cash in cash out feature to their system. What does this mean to bettors? […]

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Sports Betting 14-10-2022

Twitch Prohibits Gambling Streams

In recent years, there has been a lot to do to gamble on Twitch. Recently, there was another fuss, after which the streaming platform has decided to intervene. From October 18, there will be a ban on Twitch on gambling streams from illegal online casinos with slots, roulette or dice games. The controversial online casino […]

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Horse Racing Betting 27-01-2022

Top Gambling Sites that Accept Venmo

Mobile payments have taken over the world as they make things easier. More and more online businesses start accepting them to attract new customers by allowing for a smoother payment experience. Apart from e-commerce businesses, gambling sites have also started accepting mobile payments. One of the most common mobile payment methods is Venmo. This digital […]

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Sports Betting 27-01-2022

FanDuel Alternatives

Ever since online betting has become legal in the USA, a lot of online casinos and sportsbooks have been launched. Many bettors are confused about which site to bet at due to the vast choice. Among all online betting sites, FanDuel seems to be the best sportsbook for many bettors. It has outrun its competitors […]

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Sports Betting 06-01-2022

Is Betway Legal in the US?

Yes, Betway is legal in the US in the following states: Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa. So far the sportsbook has been licensed in 5 US states to operate. In order for Betway to operate in the US they have to partner with a real casino in that state. Betway Colorado Betway has partnered […]

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